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Photo Mode

Somehow there is something like a photo mode they always use in "the build of the week" series, really hope something like this could get implemented (2024-01-03)
The problem is we are a fixed camera game, and everything about our content and engine assumes this.

If you move the camera you will see that there is nothing above the horizon line, the ground looks ultra flat, things like parallax materials and fog all break down, the camera far plane is really close usually, lighting looks terrible (because the player light provides a lot of the light in a lot of scenes), etc etc.

Also the performance of the game becomes bad because we don't have an LOD system. Why would we need one when we know exactly how far away an asset will be from the camera?. So if you look along the axis of the ground the frame rate becomes terrible.

It's kind of hard to persuade us to want to put something in the game that has so much potential to make the game look bad.

The people recording footage from non-game camera angles are taking very careful shots, and often using the editor to remove effects that break, or add in things like extra lights and such.

One thing that we do have in PoE2 is that the character select screen has your characters on it and they are close to the camera, so you get a much better view of them there at least!
What about those destructible objects we saw on artstation? I'm referring to these: 1, 2, 3

It looks really realistic and cool. (2023-12-31)
Those are technically chests that open on damage. We do in fact have a bunch of those.
It's an option, it might become the optimal playstyle but who knows. I agree that Poe1 have been more diagonally laid out, seems poe2 too from what I see on some of the trailers, especially the mercenary.

Also from playing wasd I don't think I ever found myself having an issue of why am I pressing two keys. Might be an issue long term if I'm blasting but we have to see yet the end game of poe2 (2023-12-31)
The reason you want a diagonal layout for artificial environments is because a lot of terrain features look bad when you have them in cardinal directions.

For example, we have a straight wall bit here that makes it hard to see that there is a door in it.


In this case we literally hung a lantern in it to attract your attention, and it's not so bad. We did discuss removing horozontal doors from this tileset entirely though.

Even in the other orientation though, I don't think you want to overuse it.


It makes for an interesting feature from time to time, but I don't think it's good to overuse.

We played around with other areas having other interesting rotations too..


Here is another one from that angle.


At first it seems pretty cool. There are actually a lot of things to like artistically about angles like this.

What I found though is that that there is something "fatiguing" about playing in an area with an off-axis rotation. It's kind of hard to describe why.

But after removing the angle offset you just kind of go "ahhh, that's better".
I've got faith you guys will do this in a way that isn't confusing for the players. I can see people attempting to trade and then finding out they're talking about 2 different games, lol. (2023-12-31)
The public channels will not be mixed between games by default.
Controller skill slots

Don't remember if Jonathan mentioned this on the stream, but how many skill will we be able to alocate on the controller? In POE 1 there were 12 slots, if I'm not mistaken. How many will be on POE 2? (2023-12-31)
We have a different approach to the controller than before. There are technically 22 bind slots.

That's 11 buttons plus a second set if you hold down L2 (by default, but you can change it to whatever key you want).

However, non-skill actions are bound in the the same slots so Dodge Roll, "Any Life Flask", "Any Mana Flask", Overlay Map, and Portal Scroll are 5 actions that you are likely to want to have bound somewhere leaving 15 remaining for other uses.

Controller doesn't differentiate between Skills and any other type of action, so you can bind anything anywhere you like including the use of individual flasks. Like if you want some emergency flask on "Y" then that is just fine.

You are likely to want to keep the the flask related things on the DPad, things like Overlay Map, Portal Scroll or other rarely used things on L2+Dpad and Dodge roll on L1.

That gives you 12 "easy to use" skill slots which I find to be plenty given that you get 8 skill gem sockets and getting more than 4 skills from your gear would be unusual.

As an example, on Mercenary I like to put one crossbow's primary fire on R1, and my other crossbows primary Fire on R2. Then I like to put the attachments of the crossbows on L2+R1 and L2+R2. Then I put Ammos on the face buttons and then the other more rarely used skills on L2+Face buttons.
Ragdoll physics and destructible objects in the environment

Will PoE 2 have any of this? Games like Grim Dawn, Diablo 3, Last Epoch and even the ancient Titan Quest already have ragdolls for monster deaths. I realize there is a problem with corpse skills, but you could at least implement something very light, the corpses don't need to fly offscreen. To avoid the repetitive death animations which are just bad to look at after a while.

Also, destructible objects in the environment like in D3 shouldn't create any problems and it would make the combat feel better. PoE 2 looks sooooooooooo good, i love it, but everything is so static, it's like a wax museum :(

Edit: This is what i'm talking about That looks (to me) extremely bad, nobody said that corpses should fly offscreen, do something very limited so that the body falls in the same position but with different animations and end with their limbs and body in different stances. I specified from the time i created this that flying corpses is not necessary (although, personally, i would love to have that) but if people don't want that, at least something light to have the monsters end up in different poses when dead, that is all. (2023-12-31)
I don't love ragdoll on monsters because I think hand crafted death animations look better. One thing we are doing in PoE2 though is that each monster will have 5 death animations.

One for each direction, and one directionless death. Depending on the damage direction and if the monster is running or not, we play the correct one. A skill like Ground Slam would play the directionless death because the monsters are getting hit from below.

Not every monster has had all the deaths created yet which is why the demos don't often demonstrate it.
Flasks and mana management in PoE 2

I get the impression from the Kripp interview that, given health potions won't be charging from common monsters, we will want to manage our usage of them over the course of fighting through a zone so they don't run out too quickly. I would expect then that to some extent that may be the case with mana, and given the change where we use spirit and we have a full mana pool, does this mean we will potentially be more concerned with the mana efficiency of skills as we add support gems or perhaps casting speed? I can see mana being anything from something we refill between attack sequences or between battles or maybe even just once or twice per zone, depending on how much mana you have, how much mana regenerates, and how much potions refill... potentially this is even something that varies depending on the skills you're using and the passive nodes you've picked up?

I know there's a lot of concern among PoE players who prefer the current situation where it essentially feels like you have infinite mana but I feel like I've played a lot of games where the tension between how many abilities you can use vs how many monsters you can kill with them are around is an enjoyable concern, so I will be pretty open minded about whatever you want to do with PoE 2. (2023-12-31)
Actually caring about your mana pool is something that you should have to do in PoE2, and it is an explicit goal.

As you said, the first thing we had to do to make that possible was removing the reservation system in favor of spirit. This was one of the primary drivers behind that change in fact. You cant make mana costs matter when you don't have a big enough buffer against them, and players will always choose a smaller buffer in exchange for more power.

For refilling frequency, I would say that it's your flasks that are the real "state" of your character. Your mana orb can fairly quickly with mana regeneration stats, but if you use supports wtih high costs or supports with high mana multipliers, you are going to want to pack some mana flasks.

It should of course be possible to make your build such that mana is no longer a concern regardless, but it will need to be at the cost of damage or defense.
Log out macro is still a thing in PoE 2?

At Exilecone Mark talked about the system where if you log out the game pauses at that moment until you log back in and take an action and then everything will resume as it would have. But in the recent interview Jonathan said "You can always log out and reset the boss fight, if you alt F4 ultimately that ends the boss fight". so was that system scrapped or am I missunderstanding something? (2023-12-29)
Okay so, here are the specifics.

If you are playing single player and you log out, the instance is paused. If you then log back in, you will resume right where you were so long as the instance is still open. Instance timeout is still a thing.

It seems clear to me looking at it now that when logging in, we will have to present an option to the player about if you would like to log in to the existing instance, or log in to town (and lose the instance) so that if you do want to reset the boss, you don't have to wait.

In multiplayer if you log out, the instance is not paused. In this case, if you were in a boss fight then you are not allowed back into that instance again and will log back in to town.

This is really the only approach to prevent abuse.

The abuse (and what Mark was originally talking about at Exilecon) is the fact that we don't want you to log out / log in in order to dodge an ability, then continue the boss fight. That is important for maintaining integrity of the fight. We don't want it so that logout / login is the meta for dodging some long and hard to dodge boss ability.

That being said, you can always Alt-F4 to abort a boss fight if you see a death coming, and you will not lose your hardcore character. You will need to start the boss again from scratch though.
Suggestion for XP Penalty in Maps (2023-12-29)
Basing it on map-tier is pretty reasonable, and something suggested internally as well.

I don't love the idea of having different rules for different outside-map endgame activities though. I just worry it's something that you will easily miss, and having to remember what activities do what is a bit of a pain. Ideally we can come up with a consistant rule that is easy to understand and remember.
Will there be better information of player death in poe 2?

Can’t recall if this officially came from them, but the explanation I’ve seen is that deaths are very rarely due to one thing and are typically tons of different effects/hits stacked on top of each other that kill you. (2023-12-29)
It's not a strain on the servers. We would keep that information client side if we were doing it.

It's just that it's a complicated UX task with a lot of considerations, and a lot of tricky details. We could get 90% of the way there very easily. And the last 10% of making it correct/useful would require way way more work.

We don't currently have attribution to specific skills at all. It would be easy to say "Fire damage killed you". It would be easy to say "The boss killed you". Harder to say "This corpse explosion skill did X damage to you", and much much harder to say "This debuff resulted in Y extra damage to you".

If it's not accurate, then it's kind of useless. So we would have to get this stuff right.

And to be completely honest, I just don't value it as much as other improvements we could make to UX. It's not like it's off the table. But there is a lot of other UX improvements that would come first before implementing such a screen.
Please, Johnathan, pick one? There'll always be a meta for best build, and that forces the best players play the meta build just to get top loot per hour. (2023-12-29)
I don't accept that there will always be a best build. There should ideally be good builds with many classes / skills.

Hopefully you would agree that we were able to get a reasonable variety in PoE1 with top tier builds.
It's honestly insane when you consider they balance drops/crafting and build progression not on the average player.

If the average player does half a div an hour, are they expecting top players to be doing 500div/h?!? (2023-12-29)
I think you highly overestimate the average player!

Also, you might think 1000x is high, but in PoE1 right now the disparity is much much higher than that.
Do we still keep the awesome hanging opening character selection scene? Please say yes, that was iconic! (2023-12-29)
Yep, that's for character creation. This scene here is the background when you select existing characters.
Will there be any changes to mod pools and mod requirements in poe2?

We have heard the devs talk multiple times about making it so that it is possible foritems that are "just picked of the ground" to be very good again and to encourage players to identify more items. But how will this be achieved and how will ggg encourage players to actually pick up rares and identify them?

In poe 1, the mod pools are too diluted, wich makes it extremely rare that any given dropped rare will roll into an usable item. but even then, there are so few "filler mods" that removing them will do near nothing. I imagine GGG will either further specialise item bases (eg:life regen can only ever roll on armour bases), or to somehow dynamically "remove" undisired mods from the pool (like fire enemies cant drop loot with ice mods and low-level fire mods, or adding a "maximum item level to each mod"). (2023-12-27)
I have a lot to say about this topic, but it will have to wait until a later time. We will have a big discussion on the details of item drops at some point next year before beta though!
Sorry if this already been confirmed or not: Are Guilds carrying over / working between PoE1 and 2?

But I think the concern is if the guild you are in will transfer. After all, guild tabs are tied to the guild, not a person. (2023-12-27)
Guilds will transfer. Guild tabs will transfer. It is our intention that chat will work within the guild across PoE1 and 2 as well.
Can we please have a look at the Mercenary's face ?

So that's the character selection screen? It gives me vampire / d2 combo vibes xd (2023-12-27)
That is the background for characters in Act 1.
23 Revealed Path of Exile 2 Bosses

T0 act boss. T1 mid act boss. T2 hard zone boss. T3 Easy Zone boss.

They didn't lay out the tiers but Mark uses the nomenclature during the monsters and boss talks and I think based on that, the above tiers are close. Tiers were tied to difficulty, not quests. (2023-12-27)
It's something like that.

Just internal useage which is mostly used for drop balance based on how hard the boss is supposed to be.

As a general rule a T3 should be twice as hard as a Rare in the same zone. T2 is twice as hard as T3, and so on.
So how do you think skill and flask mapping is going to work if you use WASD?

I like the idea of having WASD because I'm used to that from many other games, but I'm not sure how well it's going to integrate with skills and flasks.

Skills would have to be remapped because of the W key, but where would you remap them to? If you're using the mouse for aiming, most mouses only have 3 buttons, so either you're going to need to buy a gaming mouse with many other buttons, or we're going to have to come up with some other solution.

Similar thing with flasks. Using them is easy when using qwert for the skills, but using 12345 when using WASD isn't going to be as fluid, and more importantly you may not always be able to use the flask you want while moving in the direction you want, which could lead to deaths.

I think one of the videos mentioned roll being mapped to the space bar, so I guess you could flask while rolling, but that could use up about a second of the flask's buff/debuff timer, which might be the difference between living and dying in some cases. But I think it's even more important to note how less comfortable/fluid it is to reach from the WASD keys to the 12345 keys, especially if you're trying to move while using a flask.

EDIT: I said, "so either you're going to need to buy a gaming mouse with many other buttons, or we're going to have to come up with some other solution." ... so far it seems the consensus is that everyone's just going to buy a multi-button mouse. I guess I wasn't clear enough in my post, because really I was wondering what people's suggestions might be for alternate keymapping that wouldn't require buying a gaming mouse ... maybe I'm just being cheap, but I don't really want to buy a new mouse just for one game, and I don't play any other games where I need one. (2023-12-27)
By default the skills that were QWERT are now QERFT. Of these, T is certainly the most annoying and I tend to avoid putting anything there that I need often.

I haven't found this to be an issue in practice. Typically the skills that have more of a "doing in motion" type aspect to them you put on the mouse. You have 3 buttons there.

Then the other skills tend to be more of the style where you use them at the right moment, and those work just fine on the other keys.
Skills with built-in movement & WASD

I was wondering if some of the skills we've already seen will be revisited/tweaked due to the implementation of WASD movement? It seems like the introduction of this new movement system might have an impact on how certain skills with built-in movement function.

Sorc's Comet spell for example, I'm curious if the 'float back' part of the spell might be influenced by the WASD controls now instead of relying on the cursor's position relative to the player character. (2023-12-27)
Generally speaking, if the skill allowed you to control movement direction by holding the mouse before (and in PoE2, many many skills allow this) then you can control it with WASD also.
Can we please have a look at the Mercenary's face ? (2023-12-27)
Sure, why not.

Are There Full Suites of Element Skill Gems per Weapon Type?

Since weapon based skills are no longer universal and are instead specific per weapon type, the choice of weapon determines what attack skill gems you will be using. Say I picked a particular weapon type: would there be a complete suite of fire, cold, lightning, chaos, and physical spear skill gems for me to select from and make a build around? Or would some elements be unaccounted for depending on the weapon type?

For example, we have seen some spear skill gems of varying elements, but I don't think we've seen any associated with chaos. If the answer to this question is yes, then we'd expect there to be at least one chaos spear skill gem that has not been revealed yet. (2023-12-27)
We intend to have skills for multiple elements for each weapon type, but maybe not always every element.

For example, the Quarterstaves with the Monk. We have a well developed Lightning, Cold and Physical (wind themed) set, but don't have a developed Fire set.

While this is not always respected, Fire is loosely aligned with Strength as an attribute, and it's the exact opposite in terms of attribute alignment with Monk (Being Dex/Int).

I still try to add a bit of synergy just for kicks though. We have skills that interact with elemental ailments, and we make sure to include a Burning interaction just in case someone wants to try and make a build with it.
Will we able to chat ingame with people that are on different poe1 or poe2? playerbase division? (2023-12-27)
It is my intention to allow this.

The integration of PoE1 and PoE2 realms is work that is ongoing, but this is one of the planned features.
Stun mechanics in POE 2

I'm also curious about this, playing the Warrior demo at exilecon stun was a huge issue and I'm not sure how to build around it if things like stun immunity and health scaling aren't available. (2023-12-24)
At exilecon there was an unintentional issue with stun.

When we added poise to monsters, players also had it too. But we didn't consider that monsters would build up to a stun on the player too. This meant that small attacks would often stun you.

We changed the way poise works on characters after exilecon. Basically it starts draining instantly and at a high rate. You can only be stunned by small attacks if a significant number of them arrive at the same time.
I think the issue is that there are 12 classes but only 6 people. each person has 2 possible routes they took in life. So it doesn't actually make sense to represent all 12 classes as 12 different people. It should still be just 6 people. I think representing all 12 as different people at character select is an option of last resort if they can't get it to work intuitively with 6 people, 12 classes. (2023-12-23)
An example of Druid vs Templar.

Same guy, different upbringing.
PoE1 enemies like to dump on melee characters with lots of close-range AoE attacks. Will we see more anti-ranged attacks in PoE2 to balance things out? (2023-12-23)
It's often safer to be near a boss than farther away. This is because the distance you need to travel in order to change your relative angle to the boss is much shorter.
Shield/protector archetype

Will Poe 2 have a class/ascendancy specialized in shields and/or reflect damage? Will it be a viable way of playing?

I enjoy the sword and board class fantasy and gameplay, but in Poe 1 the fast meta made it a mediocre option.

Now that Poe 2 will be, hopefully, slower this archetype may shine again. (2023-12-23)
Templar is the class for this yes.

You can main hand a sceptre and offhand a shield. This would give you max defence and spirit in exchange for low direct damage potential.
Honnestly, I think PvP could be actually fun in PoE 2 (2023-12-23)
It isn't going to be the focus for PoE2. Certainly not for launch anyway. It will still be supported like it is in PoE1 though.

Maybe we will give it another crack one day, but not for launch.
How is that absolutely amazing class selection scene going to change with the now 12 classes? (2023-12-23)
I wish I had a better solution to this.

Currently when you click on a character class you get two boxes to the left and right. Clicking the box changes which character is standing there. Because they are based on the same underlying model, it effectively changes the clothes they are wearing / hair style / tattoos. So the transition isn't too jarring.

I'm thinking of theming it as first you choose your attributes, like "Intelligence" and then you choose what the background of your character. Was she brought up as a Witch or a Sorceress?

I'm still not 100% happy about it though.

Having 12 characters standing there waiting to be hanged is clearly rediculous, but having to pick attribute then class just isn't quite as cool either.
They can be good if they're clearly telegraphed, and there's ways to work around them. Like, an enemy who drops a time-bomb that glows and grows before it explodes.

Porcupines are basically the opposite of that. There's no way to dodge them because they shoot in every direction to the edge of the screen and explode instantly, and there's nothing special about their appearance that indicates they're dangerous. (2023-12-23)
Porcupines have been changed in PoE2 to have a delay, an animated telegraph, and the projectiles are limited distance firing because they have been switched to use ballistics.

There are two ways you can use On-Death effects as a designer. The first is "Don't kill these too fast", the second is "You need to counterplay these".

Ideally in PoE2 we are always doing the second but in PoE1 we have been guilty of the first.
Kripp's death at Exilecon you mentioned in your post :

The on-death effect is well telegraphed, but its AOE is over the top ! (2023-12-23)
The AoE was clearly too large there for sure.

And it shouldn't just one shot you either.

And the static life bar shouldn't disappear until after it explodes.

That particular on-death is really more for theme than a thing that is actually supposed to kill you.
PoE1 and PoE2 shared endgame?

Im not sure that this is still the plan, but at initial announcement it was told that both games will have a 'shared endgame'. I this still a thing? If it is, i have a question.

PoE2 bosses seems to be balanced around new roll mechanic alot. If both games are going to have same end game bosses, how are they going to be balanced around the idea that you can roll in PoE2?

It seems to me that PoE1 bosses can become way easier to beat in PoE2 because you can just roll out of many current mechanics. And if new bosses are going to be introduced to both games, they can become too hard to beat in PoE1 because they will be designed around the mechanic that you are unable to do in PoE1. (2023-12-23)
It was initially the plan back at the first exilecon, but not anymore.

The bosses of regular maps in the endgame of PoE2 will be based on the PoE2 campaign bosses.

Even when PoE2 and PoE1 were supposed to have a shared endgame, it was always the plan to use the PoE2 campaign bosses as the staples of endgame maps.

They are a significant upgrade to many of the PoE1 bosses.
With 36 ascendency in the game, any chance we might be able to see the ascendancy on the character creation menu? (2023-12-23)
We will probably display what they are, but I'm a little hesitant to show the full skill tree for them. I think it's too much.

What we probably will have are some videos of some of the skill architypes that are designed for the class, so you can have an idea about what the gameplay will be like.
When we look at other games, generic "% increased damage" or "% increased armor" could also apply to summons. This isn't trivial to understand to a lot of people. To avoid this confusion, minions in PoE need to have detailed stat panels or in-game wiki that explains these concepts and dependencies.

Another thing is explaining leech. Other games could allow leech to apply to DoTs, your doesn't. Each instance of DoT could crit, in PoE it doesn't. How much base accuracy do minions have? Why ignite doesn't increase when I get that "% increased spell damage", since I hit harder my ignite should burn brighter, right? No.

Big part of these respec requests comes from lack of in-game information how systems inside your game interact with each other. (2023-12-23)
Yes. I agree that the complexity is more from being able to know if a stat actually affects a skill or not. After I posted this we talked for a few hours about how to solve this exact issue. We have some plans now, but it will take us a little while to try them out!
Revive downed party members in PoE2?

Not sure if this was mentioned before but will we be able to revive party members? Playing with a bunch of my noob friends at start might require a lot of waiting for them to do the walk of shame. Also it's something a bunch of them asked how to do instinctively when I tried to get them into PoE1 and they inevitably died during the campaign. (2023-12-21)
You can yes. It takes some time and you will be interupted if hit.

The intention is that you revive your party member after the boss fight is done. You might be able to get away with doing it also if you heavy stun the boss and are fast and careful.
Dear GGG,

I am really looking forward to the campaign and listen to all the characters and the voice acting. I love that! However i hate standing still. Allowing at least limited control over my character would go a long way to ease my mind.

Currently in POE 1 listening to an NPC means hands off the keyboard, any action will cancel the dialogue.

It would be very nice to be allowed to move just a little bit. Maybe run a circle? Maybe weaponswap? Assign a skillpoint?

If for some reason you are vehemently against me moving even a foot, maybe you could make my manabubble splash a bit when i click it?

I really like the cutscenes in Half Life, where you can stack some boxes and hop around as the story unfolds. In MTG Arena you click stuff and get a bunch of little plinks and splashes as you wait for your opponents turn. These kinda things help so much to improve the quality of a game!

Thanks for making games for us!

TLDR: Please give me a game action to do while talking to NPCs. Anything will do! (2023-12-21)
Probably reasonable.
Pre-planned passive point allocation in the passive tree

I remember it being in the main game for... very short. Or maybe not at all and only previewed?

Anyway, seems like 6 years isn't soon enough :) (2023-12-21)
We implemented it. The UX of it was a bit lame. At some point we will make it better and have it in the game.
There's no reason why running a successful build would be better at teaching the mechanics than running a bad build. Failure is often the price of learning.

This is a sentiment that I don't fully understand when talking about the new player experience. Are we actually worried about players learning, or are we worried about players actually reaching the end of the campaign? Giving free respecs or even putting guard rails around an "ideal" new player build does nothing for learning, and I'd argue hand-holding a player through the campaign and then dropping them in an endgame they're not prepared for isn't doing them any favors either.

By all means make things intuitive and streamlined as possible, but I don't think we need to overprotect new players as they'll have to learn to figure out things by themselves at some point. Getting stuck halfway through the campaign isn't the end of the world. (2023-12-20)
I agree with you.

We get suggestions for this kind of thing all the time. Literally today I was arguing with a marketing person about this very thing.

I don't think the game should ever tell you what build to play.

> New players have a problem understanding the mechanics

Well the mechanics of the tree are simple. You get a skill point. You click a node. You get the stats. I don't think anybody has trouble understanding that.

So therefore it must be the mechanics of the stats that are complicated. Right?

But are they?

When you look around the tree you mostly see stats like "10% Increased Spell Damage", "10% Increased Physical Damage" or "10% Increased Area of Effect".

This is not exactly rocket science.

Sure, there are some more complicated ones out there. But I'm sure it's probably a few percent at most of tree nodes that are not immediately obvious what they do even to the biggest noob.

So what is the problem then?

I don't think it's a problem of understanding mechanics.

There is a lot more I could say about this, but unfortunately I find it hard to actually assemble what the root of the problem is. I think that there is a UX issue here for sure, but what can really solve it?
Infinite Cast on Shock Loop?

If you max out your spirit, equip a bunch of Cast on Shock gems, then make each Cast on Shock gem cast a lightning spell that shocks, wouldn't that create a feedback loop to cast all your spells every tick? (2023-12-20)
I sort of thought that we were adding a "Socketed skills do not shock" stat to that one. But I don't see it in your link. It's possible the stat description wasn't added.

It seems likely that it would be too broken to allow IMHO. I prefer to add that stat than to add an artificial cooldown though. I'm fine with autobombers being possible, but I don't think it should be that easy.
Zoomer Playstyle in PoE2 (Flicker Strike, 300+% movespeed, cwc, coc, etc.)

Does anyone know if this has been answered?

I know flicker strike is in the game, but it's hasn't been clarified if we can still bypass cooldown. Does anyone know if Mark or GGG in general has answered whether the super fast "zoomer" playstyle will still exist in PoE2?

I understand PoE1 is not going anywhere, but still! (2023-12-20)
The difference with flicker strike compared to before is that it no longer bypasses cooldown. Instead, each power charge increases the number of "flickers" before it ends. That means if you are able to get power charges somehow during the flicker striking, then you will still have to cast the skill again to do another set.

There is an extra wind up right at the start of the flicker strike. What you would see is a bunch of faster flickers, then a pause as you wind up for the next invocation, then a bunch of fast flickers again.

That said, getting charges is harder now. We are being a lot more careful with giving them out. If you want to do a continuous flicker striking build, you will probably have to be doing some shenanigans.

It's not like we have designed every way to get them yet, but it's not going to be nearly as easy as PoE1.
MTX Character Slots

I am a bit of what I call an "Alt-oholic" (I love to play many characters instead of just one.)

Will character slots purchased for POE1 carry over to POE2? I am very excited to have 36 ascendancies to play around with and I would like to be ready with a higher character slot count, but I'm unsure if I should purchase them the next time they go on sale, or wait for POE2. (2023-12-20)
Yeah, they will carry over.
Skill Tree Refund

Will we be able to refund all Passive Skills Points and refund multiple times, somewhat like D4 (which is one of the only things D4 exceeds POE) or it'll be as clunky as POE 1? Honestly, it is a shame that we can't get very creative with the Skill Tree, which is massive and overwelming, in fear of screwing your character permanently. (2023-12-20)
I'm honestly open to an idea about how to solve this problem.

I think full resets suck. Beyond like level 15 it just feels like you nuked your character. I actually hate logging in to an old character and having the skills reset. I always feel like I screw up the allocation.

I think the natural evolution of "I need more defence", "I need more cast speed", "I need more damage" driving your decisions as you go through the game is kind of important. When I get a full respec, I always feel like my character is "off" afterwards. Sure, this concern is less relevant to those following a build guide, but then, people doing that don't have the excuse of making mistakes either!

I think a limited number of full resets suck even more. If it's okay to do once, why is it not okay to do unlimited times?

Okay, so why not freespec? Well, at that point, what even is your character? I'm not a fan.

I'm not saying Regrets are a great solution, but it's sure as hell better than all the others I know of.

I kind of like the idea of being able to freespec Specialisation points (The ones you get from Skill books). But when you think about it, it's very hard to let that happen in a way that isn't a total eldrich nighmare of a UI.
Hopefully using currency/crafting. The 1500 fusing recipe should be for the risk adverse, not for those who just want to avoid clicking 1200 times.

Similarly it would be amazing if the crafting bench let you set certain conditions and roll until then (e.g. use Alterations until either all are spent or one hits Merciless prefix, which currently takes ~6000 clicks, 3000 if using alt+aug). The fact that you'd miss other lucky rolls, like hitting a different T1 prefix/suffix combo, should offset the efficiency. (2023-12-20)
The currency in PoE2 has removed all the reasons you would need click over and over again many times.

The way sockets work now doesn't need it. The way Chaos orbs work now doesn't need it either. And we removed Alts.
I know it’s a different question but is “mapping” still an integral part of endgame in regards to the base experience? I feel like you guys mentioned it in one of the many videos, but just wanted refresh myself (2023-12-19)
Returning content

I've read in another post that the idea was to adapt some of the existing endgame PoE1 content/leagues and give them a new twist. Approximately how much of PoE1 leagues will make the cut ? Do you already have an idea of which ones you will definitely include and which ones are a total no go ? Can we expect to see some leagues that didn't go core in PoE1 be given a second chance ? Will there be some completely original endgame content on launch in addition to the one based on what is already in PoE1 ? And last but not least, will Blight be in PoE2 (that's my favorite league in PoE1 so I'd be sad to see it go) (2023-12-19)
I am keen to try and get "most" of the PoE1 content in there. Some things will go in in a way that is quite different from how they were in PoE1 though.

I have a pretty good idea about which leagues we will be adding. Not going to make a list now though!

There will be new endgame content on launch, but possibly not in the beta. We will have to see how much time we get.
Vaal Gems and Armor/Blacksmith currency.

Since I haven't heard about Vaal Gems in POE2. Will Vaal Gems with 6 link be very rare or will GGG create new currency or use tainted currency for it. What does armor/blacksmith currencies do in POE2, since in POE quality of an item increases the socket and link chances. Since links and sockets are move to gems instead of the items. (2023-12-19)
I think we might not have tainted currency, at least not at the start. It would be nice for Corrupted to be Corrupted again, at least for a while. A Vaal 6 link would be hard to get due to that.

I believe we made the Quality currencies rarer and moved to being more of an end-game think. They don't have a huge amount of value during the campaign IMHO.
When will the first League mechanic be? And how will Atlas Influenced content be tested in Beta? (2023-12-19)
My first instinct is that we will probably not want to have new core league mechanic when PoE2 officially launches. But it will depend. Will have to see how we feel when we get there.

The endgame during Beta will not be as big as it will be at release. We plan on adding back in League Mechanics during the course of the beta one by one.
Will there be an offline only mode like last epoch ? (2023-12-19)
No. We are free to play. Doesn't really work for the business model.
If PoE2 is only going to have the website, can we please have it reverted so that you don't need to log into it to browse? Whenever I want to trade now (as rarely as that is), since I play through Steam, I need to log into Steam on my browser which triggers Steam Guard due to not keeping cookies so I then need to log into my Email and put the code in and get Steam authorization for the trade site... And then better hope I don't ADHD close my browser only to have to re-do all that. I think that's one of the biggest things that made me stop playing for several leagues since it was changed. Trade was already irritating and slow enough before that.

I get it was done for a reason, to limit the amount of searches and refreshes going through the site, but surely there are other options? (2023-12-19)
Trade searches are pretty heavy, so we had to do something about it.

For your specific case I would suggest adding a username/password to your Path of Exile account. You can have that at the same time as your steam credentials. That way you won't have to use steam guard so much.
I am guessing it came up early but -

I really hope the way you all design defensive systems in PoE2 removes the prevalence of auras-as-defensive-layers the current PoE1 meta has.

There has to be a better, more item focused way to improve a characters defenses without using Grace+Determ+100% spell suppress on (2023-12-19)
The intention in PoE2 is that not every character uses auras.
What about in terms of interactive in-map mechanics?

Many POE1 mechanics, especially league mechanics, do NOT work well in party play - usually only the party leader/host is able to meaningfully interact with or progress things, while all other players are strung along just waiting, sometimes not even able to look at the menus that the party lead is interacting with so you can't even discuss things without explaining (Looking at you, in 2023, Affliction shops...)
It would be really nice if this could be an option like the loot system - where it's either free-for-all (anyone can interact, everyone gets some amount of progress), or more locked-down like they usually are. (2023-12-19)
I'll discuss it with Mark. I do understand the issue for sure.
Thaaaaaat's cool. Pausing.

Will controller players be able to take advantage of this too? (2023-12-19)
Haven't considered the controller UI for highlighting buffs while paused yet, but it would make sense for us to have a way to do that for sure.
Server connectivity

Hi, I am writing as a long term player with slower internet connection.

I have no problem playing PoE without lags and stutters (maybe, when servers have problems, it's nothing I can do), but I have another people, who are using same connection, and even slightest changes in usage of connection, has big impact on PoE, lags and stutters. I am playing like this since 2012 and quite used it, but it still become irritation sometimes :P

My point and my question is: there will be some changes/upgrades how PoE will connect with servers in Solo sessions/ party sessions or in general?

Thank You. (2023-12-18)
You might have an issue with a problem called Bufferbloat. Try this test:
So are the classic classes still playable in PoE 2? (2023-12-18)
Yep, they will all be there. But there will be many play style differences.
PoE 2 multiplayer: please be good! (2023-12-18)
So there are a lot more keyworded concepts in PoE2 that skills trigger off. And we consider "state" a lot more. Be that things that are in the world or on monsters.

Because of that there is a lot more oppertunity for cross-party-member synergy.

I'm keen on cross-polination of mechanics/keywords across classes because it opens up the possibility for people to come up with lots of weird builds that involve using things from different classes.

But it also helps make multiplayer more interesting too since you can support each other.

Not sure what to do about cases where one person's auras break another persons builds though....
I'm kinda hoping rare enemies have their health bar visible for a while, or while near enough, so their mods are visible without moving the cursor over then. (2023-12-18)
So something you can do in PoE2 is pause the game (if you are playing by yourself), and the currently highlighted monster will remain highlighted so you can read the mods.

You can also mouse over the buffs/debuffs on yourself and enemies to look at what they do while paused.

I'll have a think about your suggestion. I don't think I quite like it as described, but I get the issue. I'll ask our UX guy if he can think of an improvement.
Yes, resummoning sucks. I’d still like pets to be able to taunt/tank but maybe it’s a sliding scale between that and dps so there’s a trade off. (2023-12-18)
I think we have similar thoughts. I think you will probably enjoy the things that we have to announce in future.
Can we get some information about minion builds (2023-12-18)
I'm curious to hear peoples thoughts on what they want out of minion builds. I have my own thoughts too, but I don't want to spoil anything yet. Do you want a more active play style, or a more passive one? Do you want more control over minions or smarter AI?
Do GGG still have some big new things to show us about PoE 2? (2023-12-18)
We have some more things to show for sure.

My hope is that we can suprise people with each new class we reveal. I mean my explicit goal really is "How can I deliver something nobody is expecting" every time.
Will The Six Act Campaign Still End Around 65th Level? Is GGG Happy With The Current Leveling/Early Game Progression Speed? (2023-12-18)
I actually don't know yet. The intention is to have the campaign end at approximately the same level, but yes, as some other people in here guessed, it will depend on progression testing. We will adjust accordingly.

My hope is that when people (even PoE1 veterans) play PoE2 for the first time, that it takes them a long time because they haven't played any of the bosses before / haven't optimised builds.

But I have no doubt that people will begin to optimise and work out better strategies and before too long they will be burning through the game again :P
Will creativity and freedom remain a core aspect of PoE2? (2023-12-18)
It's just like PoE1.

The only thing locked by class are the Ascendancies.

In our marketing, of course, we always present things like "This is what the Mercenary does" because I think that conforming to a stereotype is what new players will understand.
Ever since we got the unique collection stash tab I've wanted an equivalent system for skin transfers. Just make items thrown into it a one way system, so you can permanently consume a Kaom's Heart for it to get added as a reusable skin transfer option. The UI for navigating through all those uniques already exists too, so its easier to filter through than what your MTX tab looks like with years of additions.

Also, a stash tab-like implementation means it can reset every league you play, or be a permanent thing in regular Standard/Hardcore for players to work towards full completion of. (2023-12-18)
Hmm. That's.... actually not a bad suggestion.
Any plans for paid skin unlocks instead of skin transfers? (2023-12-18)
I guess the feeling with this for us was always that you shouldn't be able to make it look like you have an item unless you actually earned it in the league you are in.

So like, you can't walk around looking like you are wearing a Kaom's Heart unless you actually found one.

Thus, the way the current system was designed. There might be a way to achieve that same goal with another system, but I feel it will not have the simplicity of the current way.
As a follow up to this, is there a predictive launch time? Not a date, but a general time frame.

6 months after open beta? A year? Longer? Unanswerable? I'm stroked to get into this, beta or otherwise. (2023-12-18)
I don't know exactly. I should hope it wouldn't need to be as long as a year. 6 months sounds more like it, but we will see.
Will the beta continue until launch, or only be open for a set period of time? (2023-12-18)
It will continue until launch.
Brand and Totem still included in Poe2? (2023-12-18)
Totems for sure. It's PoE DNA for sure.

Being able to make an army of them to fight for you? Of course. It's a play style that some people love. Spirit will allow this to be balanced.

Brands maybe. Still under discussion.
Is there any particular reason for no guns? (2023-12-18)
Are POE2 also going to release supporter packs per league? (2023-12-18)
It's a tricky question, and we haven't answered it ourselves yet. We already have enough trouble keeping up with the microtransaction schedule we have now, let alone doubling it.

The most likely outcome right now is that we have supporter packs that come out alongside the PoE2 leagues, and they just stay current for the PoE1 leagues as well, but we will have to see what we can do.
Guilds in PoE2? (2023-12-18)
I can't say it's top of the list in terms of priorities for us unfortuantely.

I don't have anything against these kinds of features, but unfortunately they are just not a huge draw for most players, so it's more like the kind of thing that would be upgraded post release rather than pre.
Why stick with 6 links? Why not 5 or 7+ links? Just curious what is design reason behind this. (2023-12-18)
Initially it was just that PoE players know what a 6 link is. So if you say "Every skill can be a six link" that is a really simple way to communicate the concept of what is changing.

But I don't think it's wrong either.

You want skills to have two support sockets as a baseline because having one at the start feels lame. If you get two supports early you want to be able to choose between supporting two skills with one, or one skill with two.

Then you need a pretty early game way to upgrade to 3 supports so that you can start to choose which skills you want to focus more on before eventually becoming easy to upgrade all your gems to that. Then you want to introduce a late game advancement to 4 supports just as 3 is becoming easy. Then you want a more grindy endgame objective to upgrade all your gems to 5 supports.

I think more than that would probably feel like a chore, and water down the mods. There is more of an argument for less to lower mod dillution, but I think it would feel like you don't get enough upgrades then.
Steam Deck, Controller, Console plans? (2023-12-17)
There will be controller support.

Steam deck should be fine, but we will have to look into what the performance is like. I haven't tested the game on one myself.
We are going to attempt, to the greatest extent that we can, to make all of that stuff work.

I don't see a reason why Spark Spiders can't work on PoE2 spark. It's still technically just a bunch of projectiles. (2023-12-17)
We are going to attempt, to the greatest extent that we can, to make all of that stuff work.

I don't see a reason why Spark Spiders can't work on PoE2 spark. It's still technically just a bunch of projectiles.
That makes me nervous. One of the core things that sets this apart from the competition is the ability to make incremental progress towards your item. If I feel the price of something will go up over time, but it has a div card, I get to "buy" stock in the item even if I don't have the money for it. In most PoE leagues I can't really afford the chase items at their peak cost and need to buy div cards over the course of the league to save up and not get wrecked by inflation. This is a cool concept to me and always has been. In D4 and Last Epoch if you need a specific unique item then there's nothing you can do about it unless you get one and that makes most grinding feel rather pointless. (2023-12-17)
I'm not saying I'm going to remove div cards. I think the ability to save up is cool. But we need to find a solution to the fact that the "correct" highest expected value way to play is just to grind the same map over and over again for eternity.
ANY? I thought Righteous Fire would definitely be excluded or changed completely. Awesome news. (2023-12-17)
Well I'm not going to promise that the mechanics will not change. We had a discussion about RF would work just a week ago actually.

Ideally the "flavour" of the skill will be the same even if the mechanics of it differ.
How many beloved poe 1 skills will be in poe 2?

PoE 2 has many new skills that look very different to poe 1 skills, while some are still present I saw a lot of more focus on new skills than beloved ones. I personally hope spectral throw is in poe 2 in some form(besides the helix version or shield). ST is by far my favorite skill in the game and I play it every league at least once. The new poe 2 skills look awesome but I do think I will miss some poe 1 skills if they are mostly gone in poe 2. How many of poe 1 skills will be present in poe 2? I sure think cyclone has to be threre too. Anyway, cant wait to play tge beta. (2023-12-17)
We will certainly be making PoE2 versions of any skills that people enjoy in PoE1!
Any class, or class specific? Level 7 uncut gem on witch can unlock level 7 gem on marauder? (2023-12-17)
The uncut gems are not class specific.

When you open the screen on a Witch, the UI will pop open with the Witch gems in the center of the screen, but you scroll around and pick a gem with any attribute alignment you want.
How uncut gem menu works?

The system looks simillar to what diablo 1 offered at a time. It looks you need to drop an uncut gem and select a skill from the menu.

How to unlock the gems in the menu? Do I need to progress my character through the campaign, complete a quest, select a gem reward and thanks to my choice unlock the crafting recepie for the particular gem? (simillar to ruthless with extra crafting option)

Or can I learn recepie through a kind of blueprint? (2023-12-17)
How much crafting will there be in POE 2?

Not a huge crafter myself but i do think its exiting to make cour own gear from time to time do and since there no vrafting bench in poe 2 i was wondering how much crafting would be present, and how it would look. Would we craft only with currency like chaos orbs? Or would we just pick up most ouf pur gear from vendors or the floor? (2023-12-17)
There will certainly be crafting in PoE2, and for the crafting bench specifically, we are not actually removing it, just changing how it works to deal with some of the problems it has. (Not announced yet).

In fact, I have a specific goal that people do more crafting than they currently do. In PoE1 non-bench crafting is not something normal players often do. The design changes we already mentioned to some of the currency items go a long way to addressing this.
I'm very curious about this, and it's honestly my only "worry" when it comes to the game.

My personal hope is that GGG leans heavily on the "web of synergies" created by common keywords between classes. For example, we've seen at least three archetypes that focus on armor break (crossbows, maces, and that dagger that armor breaks on crit). A good approach for a Warrior ascendancy would then be to focus on Armor Break as opposed to explicitly on maces, so that surprising combinations become possible (dagger + crossbow warrior?)

I've seen enough hints of this to suspect GGG is in a good path, but I still need to see the ascendancies to be fully sold. I'm hoping ascendancies don't mention weapon types explicitly at all, so they remain as freeform as the ones in PoE1. (2023-12-17)
It is absolutely the case that Ascendancies do not mention weapon types. When we design them we always try to make it so that the "obvious" way to use the Ascendancy class is to use it the way that is depicted in the art.

But we try to never actually limit you, and we want people to think of how they can use them in non-obvious ways too!
All characters starts from the center of the tree but the starting point direction changes depand on the class.

On top of that I think ascendancies should be compleatly something different. I'm wondering why ggg testing Affliction ascendencys in poe1. I think they will give an ability to pick non class specific ascendencies.

If there is no Scion, and all characters starts from the center, there is high chance we will be able to pick a ascendency and thanks to the perk on the node start spending points in a different direction in a simillar way Scion does in poe1.

For me it should be something like Guilds. So you can join a guild, pick a primary mastery and maybe on top of that something secondary. Similar to WoW masteries like leather working and skiing are the two major masteries but you can have cooking and other secondary masteries. (2023-12-17)
We still plan on having ascendencies be specific to classes. The new PoE1 ascendancies are a thing we thought would be a cool to try out for a league in PoE1, but I wouldn't say it's something that I'm immediately wanting to do in PoE2.
I think I heard someone say that there’s only going to be a single passive cluster for each weapon type. They’re going to put in more generic melee damage clusters. (2023-12-17)
That is our current design thinking. But we still haven't been able to do enough progression testing to really validate that this is correct!
I’m curious about this too. How tied are skills going to be to weapons in this game. I’m excited that with multiple six links, better weapons switching, and the new passive tree mechanics we can use more options on a single character. I really like hybrid characters. So I’m curious if skills themselves are more restrictive with weapon type. (2023-12-17)
There was an early discussion about what can we do to make weapons types different. What actually makes an axe and a sword different? In PoE1 it's.... actually very little.

We initially tried to do it only with stats, but there isn't really all that much you can do to truely make weapons feel different with only stats. You can make 3, maybe 4 weapon types feel different like that. But more than that? It's hard.

So what makes an axe and a sword different in real life? It's the kind of attacks you can do with them.

We made the call to limit all attacks to specific weapon types in PoE2. It's actually not as much of a limitation as you might expect because we have have the automatic weapon swapping, so you can easily use multiple weapon types if you want to mix attacks from different weapon types.

I think that it's been a huge advantage for design as well. Our animation team previously strugged to make attack animations actually cool with the old system. In order to make the character really use a weapon in the best way possible for that weapon, there is a lot of details around weight and timing that you need to take into account. Having to make that same animation work for multiple weapon types just waters it down and you effectively get the lowest common denominator. If you make different animations for each weapon type, then all the timing and stuff changes, and the balance needs to change as well.

At that point you might as well just make another skill. So that's what we did.

Take something like Cyclone. Traditional Cyclone is an axe specific skill. But with a quarterstaff we have Whirling Assault, which is still spinning around with your weapon, but it works a bit differently, and the animations are totally suited to the rest of the quarterstaff skill set. That isn't to say that every weapon type has a cyclone equivilent, but it's design space that we can consider individually for each weapon type.

For Two Hand vs One Hand versions of weapons, it's more Stat driven. Two hand gives you more but slower damage, One Hand and Shield is of course more defence for less damage, and Dual Weilding gives you more damage but still fast hitting.

Generally, almost all attacks will work for One Hand or Two hand versions (If the weapon type has one hand vs two hand of course).
How do you move while shooting if you don't use WASD movement? Is it even possible? (2023-12-17)
So basically if you use a skill while moving, you don't stop moving.

You click to move to a far away location, then while you are doing that, you can attack an enemy and your character can continue moving backwards while firing forwards, for example.

At first it might seem like that is a lot of back and forth movement, and it is. But it's not actually different to what you are already doing now when stutter stepping. You just get to be moving at the same time as attacking.
Are crossbows balanced only around WSAD movement (2023-12-17)
I wouldn't say WASD is required to use crossbows, but it certainly makes it feel better to me (which is why we implemented it!).

I played crossbows for quite a while before we had WASD working and it worked just fine.
Hideouts in PoE 2 (2023-12-17)
We will have hideouts. I'm personally a fan of the system. All your hideout MTXs will carry over.

I also don't like big sprawling towns. I hate getting lost and they never seemed to serve much purpose to me.

I think the hideout editor could certainly use some UI improvements though!
Gender Selection and Character Customization (2023-12-17)
I personally don't particularly want to implement the full on character editor that a lot of games have.

We don't currently have anything like that, and it's something that would take a huge amount of work. It's also something that I don't think would have a huge payoff for us. You tend to immediately cover your character up with armour after all.

I think the reason that a lot of games even get away with the dev cost of it is because they use the same tech for creating NPCs in their game world as well. If you need to create hundreds of human characters, and you want your game designers to be able to do that, then an in engine character editor can make that happen.

But this kind of thing goes against our philosophy in some ways.

When designing a town we prefer to have 4 characters that say 40 things, rather than 40 characters that say 4 things. I like a small town, with a few characters where we have room to explore the characters individually more, rather than having a giant sprawling town with a bunch of forgettable NPCs.

That said, we will probably eventually have MTX's that swap the entire character out for a different one (which we would then also have voice acting for). If we did that, we would likely start to alternate gender versions of all our character classes since that is something that I think quite a lot of players would like to have.
Questions about POE1-POE2 MTX Share.

I understand that POE 1 and POE 2 share MTX.

Of course, I know that there are some things that are not shared, such as the Orb of Fusing MTX and Quicksilver Flask MTX. (These are items that are not in POE2)

But all Armour MTX will be shared, right?

So what does old Armour MTX look like in POE2?

Will the current old texture still apply to POE2? Or will those old MTXs get a texture Improve? (2023-12-16)
All the armour MTXs will work.

During the Beta, a lot of older armours (more than a few years old) will not be rerigged yet though. We intend to get through the backlog during the closed beta. So by release they will all be working. It’s quite a lot of work!

Unfortunately we can’t really update how old armours look. There are multiple reasons.

For one, we just don’t have the time to do that. There are literally thousands of old micros.

And for two, even if we did have time, I’m not sure it’s even a good idea. What if a player doesn’t like how it looks after changing it? They purchased something that looked a specific way, we can’t really change it out from under them.
I hope divination cards exist in PoE2 (2023-12-16)
Divination cards are a bit of a hard one.

In theory I like target farming. I think in SSF that works really well.

However, in non-SSF, you are in an economy that makes it so that you tend to just play in whatever area has the highest payoff. This means that many players just grind the same map over and over again forever because it's the highest expected value, even if they don't enjoy doing so particularly.

For the sake of variety, I think that we would need to change how they work to some extent, but I don't have a specific plan right now.
Showcase of 'classic' classes? (2023-12-16)
We will do showcases of all the classes before beta.

We will probably make some videos about the ascendancy classes before beta as well so that people can have a think about which builds they would like to play.
Will accuracy and evasion adapt to the new action combat approach in PoE2? (2023-12-16)
One change we have already made in PoE2 to accuracy is that distance from action to target matters.

The farther the distance, the more accuracy needed.

So a melee character doesn't really need to worry about accuracy unless they are using particularly long range melee attack.

Accuracy is much more important if you are playing a ranged character.
What is the current progress of the end game of PoE2? (2023-12-16)
We haven't shown endgame because we are not ready to show it.

Right now in each demo, we basically balance the areas in isolation to whatever we feel like shows off the combat the best.

We did discuss making a build that represents our best guess as to what end-game balance would be like, but decided in the end to avoid doing that until we actually know what it will be for sure.

To be sure, we would have to be able to progression test the whole game from start to finish. That would mean the game would have to be more complete than it is right now, because nobody wants to play through an area with boring monsters that we haven't added the "fun" to yet.

We will get to this point quite soon though.
Do you have an estimate of how long there will be between the closed beta and release? (2023-12-16)
We don't have a set timeline. It's going to depend on how the beta goes. It will certainly be at least a couple of league cycles.

That said, the cycles may be shorter because we will probably make a new league each time we make substantial balance changes, so that we can see how the new meta develops in a fresh economy.

I could see us making a new league start every 1-2 months during beta. But once again, it's not a set timeline.
If I recall correctly, there was mention of the crafting bench being removed from PoE 2. Crafting bench MTX has been made for PoE 1, and bench-crafting has been a reliable staple (and IMO iconic) for rounding out the items you find or craft - is it still the plan for PoE 2 to have no crafting bench, and if so, why? (2023-12-16)
I’m not sure where it was mentioned we were removing the crafting bench. I think the existing crafting bench has issues for sure, but we have a plan for how it will work in poe2.
Will these leagues have a premier "mechanic" much like the PoE1 leagues? Or even just a new rules set like the 1 week events they sometimes do? Or are these just planned economy resets? (2023-12-16)
For the resets during beta, they wouldn’t have a mechanic as such. But we would be introducing “new” content each time as we continue our process of readding the poe1 league content (updated for poe2 of course). The plan is to add that stuff back in during the beta.
Flasks and WASD movement (2023-12-16)
So we actually tried less flasks. For a long time it was 3 by default, and then you get 4 and then 5 as you upgrade your belt. But it just didn’t feel as cool, so we just went back to always 5.

I haven’t found flasking with WASD to be particularly a problem, but that is also because we ended up removing mechnics on flasks that cause the “flask piano” gameplay.
Item filter support in PoE2 (2023-12-16)
I don’t think we will get time to write a first party filter editor unfortunately. Not against the idea but it’s just not something that we have time for right now.