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  • Gold system with proximity auto-pickup;
  • Gold is the main currency used during campaign. can be used at vendors for NPC trading or gambling.
  • Not the main form of trading currency though

Jonathan: “The Gold thing is probably the only thing where we’re like ‘This isn’t really a PoE thing’ and we acknowledge that - but at the same time I think it is actually important to make the drops system better… …Fundamentally you have this constraint of if you’re gonna kill a monster and it drops nothing it feels like shit… …Therefore if you have to drop something, you can’t obviously drop a rare on every fricking monster you kill… so therefore you have to drop something. And honestly, Gold does actually work, like there’s a reason that games have it; The important thing we don’t want to do with Gold is have an economy based around… …I don’t expect players to be trading with Gold with each other”

Kripparian: “...What do you want someone to use Gold for?”

Jonathan: “The main thing they should be using Gold for is fixing… especially during campaign deficiencies in their build like if you need… …resistance… …We’ve overhauled the shop very significantly so there’s much more likely for there to be things inside the shop that would be able to deal with problems that you have like you’re fighting a boss you don’t have the resistance you should be able to deal with that very quickly. There’s also rares that you can find in there sometimes… …It doesn’t change every level like you get new stuff getting added to the shop that sticks around for a while so that you get a chance to actually save up and buy it if you see something that you want. There’s also gambling. By gambling I mean buying a base type where you don’t know what rarity it will be. You will be able to get uniques that way.”

Kripparian: “That’s similar to Ruthless with Gold?”

Jonathan: “Absolutely. Well, there’s a reason we were testing this, right?... …That was absolutely a test where we’re like ‘Let’s see. Can PoE even work with Gold within it?’ There’s been some changes since we’ve done the Ruthless with Gold test.”

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