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Act 1 Island of Ogham

Island of Ogham (Ezomyte)

  • The Riverbank
  • Clearfell Encampment (Town)
  • Clearfell
  • The Mud Burrow
  • The Old Forest
  • The Red Vale
  • The Grim Tangle
  • The Graveyard
  • The Crypt
  • Necropolis
  • The Mausoleum
  • The Tomb
  • The Hunting Grounds
  • The Ogham Village
  • Iron Manor


  • The Executioner (GuillotineExecutioner)


Ogham country, EST. 11321IC in the province of Phaaryl Survey commissioned by the office of Count Geonor in the year of 1619IC

Exilecon 2019

Path of Exile 2 Act 1 takes place on the Island of Ogham, Ezomyte tribe, possibly located in Isles of Skothe.


  • Ogham Candelabra

Thane Jorgin the Banished

  • JorginOfferBargainFour: I have been soundly defeated. I'm man enough to admit that. It's my neck on the line here. But, if you let me go back to the green hills of Ogham, I'd certainly be hung for imagined crimes. How about you save yourself the bother and let my clan do what they will?
  • JorginOfferExecuteTwo: If I should not return, bury me in Ogham, next to my brother.
  • GuffSecondaryDefenderArrivalEighteen: Ogham ain't gonna miss ya, Thane, and neither will I.
  • JanusSecondaryDefenderArrivalTwenty: Shame you can't go back to Ogham, Ezomyte. You don't belong here.
  • RikerSecondaryDefenderArrivalNine: Show 'em what Ogham men can do, Jorgin!

Chapter maps are random for every character. (become static in Exilecon 2023)

Name Lv Description
Riverbank 1 Boss: Bloated Miller
Clearfell Encampment Town NPC: Renly, Finn, Una
Walls of wood strain against the tide as Dearg knocks thrice.
Clearfell 2 Boss: Carrion Crone
A wounded land plays host to an infection.
The Mud Birrow 3 Boss: The Devourer
Hungry jaw hide in dripping darkness.
The Old Forest 5 A shadow waits and watches with mysterious intent.
The Red Vale 6 Boss: The Rust King
Grim Tangle 7 A simple ditch becomes a labyrinth when the mind twists upon itself.
Graveyard 8 Boss: Bearer of Penitence
The bootproint of the Eternal upon the face of Ogham.
The Crypt 9 Boss: Palewrithe Dreadworm
Those killed in battled do not peacefully.
Necropolis 10 Boss: Lachlann of Endless Lament
Silent stones marl ancient graves and forgotten sorrows..
The Mausoleum 11
The Tomb 11
Hunting Grounds 12 Boss: The Crowbell
The Ogham Village 13 Batrayed, trapped, and besieged, the Ezomytes fought to the last man… then rase again.
Iron Manor 14 Boss: Swiftspade Bones

Finn on Introduction: "Finn keeps his gaze on the camp fire, pretending to be too deep in thought to have heard mention of this supposed' something for free."


[Mission 1: Mercy for the Miller]

  • Slay the Bloated Miller
  • Enter the logging encampment
  • Talk to the Blacksmith

Renly: “Renly’s the name. You’re skilled with the violence, if what you did out there in the riverbank is any sign, We all saw, but don’t fear. We could use a bit of that…(more)”

Finn: “Welcome, violent stranger. I am Finn, and I shall be your humble provider of useful and diverse objects. I suppose I should give you a little something for free as thanks for that heroic display of combat out there. Consider it… a token of appreciation for our future trades.”

Una: “Welcome to the camp of the lost, stranger. We survive, but we do not live. I am Una, and I will play for you, if you like.”

[Mission 2: Treacherous Ground]

  • Search The Felling for the entrance to the Mud Burrow
  • Slay the Devourer in its lair
  • Talk to Renly and Finn for your rewards

Renly: “You cornered the Devourer in its own lair so it didn’t have anywhere to flee? That’s clever. That’s how one stays living in this day and age: fight smarter, not harder. Or both, I suppose.”

Una: “The Devourer was once known as the Mud…(more)”

Renly: “Separated its head from its body, did you? That’s…(more)”

[Mission 3: The Tree of Souls]

Una: “There is something in the depths of our untouched…(more)”

  • Travel through Clearfell to the Old Forest
  • Find the Tree of Souls
  • Talk to the strange entity that hangs from the Tree of Souls

(Note: The Hooded One has the same blue eyes as Sin)

The Hooded One: “Hello, mortal. Do not be afraid. I intend no harm. You seem unafraid of the island’s sickness. Perhaps we are on the same side of history. I request that you find a way to free me from this tree that binds my soul. It is keeping my senses, thoughts, and abilities restrained, and I can do naught but hang here contemplating my failures.”

The Hooded One: “Look to the base of this tree. Ancient magics guide and protect its root, and neither blade nor fire may harm it, but the right word spoken in the right place may bend the tree to your will.”

  • Search the Red Vale for Runes of Power
  • Defeat the monster guarding the Rune of Power
  • Collect the Runes of Power
  • Defeat the Rust King to obtain the final Rune of Power
  • Bring the Runes to Renly for forging (Get Runed Spikes)
  • Ask the Hooded One what to do with the Rune Spikes
  • Stab the Rune Spikes into the Tree of Souls
  • Talk to the hooded entity you released from the Tree of Souls
  • Talk to Una about the hooded entity you released from the Tree of Souls

The Hooded One: “Thank you, mortal, for releasing me. I promised to aid you in fighting corruption, and so I shall, with knowledge.”

The Hooded One: “I have some idea of what you may find within the dark heart of this island’s disease. I was tied to this Tree by the Count of Ogham, who mistakenly declared me some sort of harmful spirit. He and his men then departed toward his manor carrying a very dangerous Seed they found in my possession.”

Seed of Corruption

The Hooded One: “Corruption began to ooze out not long after, twisting the land into a dark tangle, The forest beyond this place has grown impassable, but you have opened a route forward with the same spiking…(more)”

Runed Girdle The rune on the buckle means “unity” or “safety from harm”

Runed Guard The rune at the base of the blade means “to strike true” or “truth”

Runed Skull Cap The rune emblazoned on this fragment of a helm means “freedom” or “for a worthy cause”

(After forging by Renly) Runed Spikes Together, the runes are an oath of peaceful passage and a request for freedom in pursuit of an important cause.

[Mission 4: The Iron Count]

  • Enter the Grim Tangle under the Tree of Soul in the Old Forest
  • Search for the Manor beyond the Grim Tangle

The Hooded One: “The Count is working with outsiders? Then I have…(more)”

The Hooded One: “Those bastions of man that are not overrun by…(more)”

The Hooded One: “If you intent to face the Count, I must warn you: an…(more)”

  • Search the manner for the Iron Count (Enter the Arena)

The Iron Count: “… driven the man to their upper limits. Executed most of them for sleeping when they should be digging… order them to protect the site… all gone… where are the man? The power of the First Ones spill forth… let the Seed feast! Quickly!”

[Mission 5: The Lost Lute]

  • Find “Una’s Lute Box” in the Grim Tangle
  • Return Una’s Lute to her

Una’s Lute This grelwood heirloom hums softly with latent emotion. Imbues by centuries of songs passed from mother to daughter.

[Mission 6: Sorrow Among Stones]

Lachlann, Head Servant: “Can you help me, stranger?”

Lachlann, Head Servant: “My family… where are they? Isabel and the boys were only to be gone for a few minutes, but it has been… I don’t even know how long. Hours at least. Days? Weeks? What season is it? Stranger, I know we just met, but I’m so worried about them. Around here, they could have fallen into a sinkhole or been choked by grave dust. Please, could you see to their safety?”

  • Find Lachlann’s family in the Graveyard

Lachlann, Head Servant: “Look for the Crypt first!”

Lachlann, Head Servant: “In there! My wife went to the Crypt during the search! She must be hurt or trapped!”

  • Find the entrance to the Crypt
  • Search the for Lachlann’s wife (Find the Corpse of Isabel in the Crypt)

Lachlann, Head Servant: “Ah, you found Isabel! She was so lonely and hungry down there! Would you be so kind as to search for my two sons as well? They went to the Necropolis.”

  • Bring Lachlann to the Necropolis gate

Lachlann, Head Servant: “There, in there, the Necropolis!”

(Enter The Necropolis)

Lachlann, Head Servant: “The Tomb, and the Mausoleum… my boys… I think I can heart them shouting for help…”

  • Search for Lachlann’s sons in the Tomb and Mausoleum (Enter The Mausoleum)

Lachlann, Head Servant: “My younger son was meant to search the Mausoleum… he can’t find his way out… he lost and cold…”

  • Search the Mausoleum for Lachlann’s younger son (Find the Corpse of Torcall in the Mausoleum)

Lachlann, Head Servant: “My younger son is with us, but my elder son is still in the dark of the Tomb.”

Lachlann, Head Servant: “My elder son chose to search the Tomb... he wont leave until the job is done, but it’s so dark, and he’s been th there so long….”

(Enter The Tomb)

  • Search for Lachlann’s elder son in the Tomb (Find the Corpse of Calum in the Tomb)
  • Return to Lachlann into the Necropolis

Lachlann, Head Servant: “Please… please make them stop, They’re whispering. They’re screaming! No, don’t give in! You’re not dead. You’re still moving, you’re still here.”

  • Put Lachlann to rest (Defeat Lachlann of Endless Lament)

Lachlann of Endless Lament: “Together… at last…”

  • Speak to the folk in the Clearfell Encampment about what happened to Lachlann

Finn: “Lachlann some times brought supplies to us outsiders…(more)”

Renly: “The Count’s head servant is dead? That doesn’t bode…(more)”

[Mission 7: The Breaking Siege]

  • Search for the Village beyond the Graveyard
  • Search for the Village past the Hunting Ground
  • Find Renly’s Ancestral Steel at his old smithy
  • Return to Renly


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