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Act 2 Vastiri Desert

Act 2: Vastiri Plains (Maraketh)

  • Vastiri Outskirts
  • Ardura Caravan (Town)
  • Traitor’s Passage - The Ancient Gates
  • The Mastodon Badlands - The Bone Pits
  • The Valley of Titans
  • The Lost City of Keth
  • The Maraketh Burial Towers


  • The Forsaken Son
  • The Mastodon
  • Deathlord of Blackrib Pit
  • The Perennial King

Path of Exile 2 Act 2 takes place on the Vastiri Desert, Maraketh tribe, possibly located in Vastiri Plains.

Act 2 is centered around a caravan of Maraketh called the Ardura who live in the Vastiri Desert. You're chasing another caravan from an opposing tribe called the Faridun.

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Faridun related:

  • Rusted Metamorph Scarab: Rejected even by the Faridun outcasts, young Saresh, you were cursed to walk the white sands until we found you. The Order shall command your penance now.
  • Urn of Farud: "The Faridun cannot earn burial in the sky. They have other ways of keeping the dead."


  • Contract: Jamanra's Rest: "If Jamanra has been resurrected the way so many other ancient heroes have returned, then perhaps I can convince him to rise up and unite the Faridun once more!"
  • HeistNenet1: "If we can prove Jamanra existed, then the Faridun may have a chance to rejoin the Maraketh. I, for one, would like to meet my parents. I have many questions..."
  • AdiyahGossipAboutNenet: Nenet is from a people that currently call themselves the Faridun. They are our rejects. Those we Maraketh left to die in the desert as children for being unworthy or flawed. I do not think ill of Nenet. I do not think of her at all.
    I am not cruel, exile. It is simply that scattered groups of pariahs wandering in the desert have no effect on the world. She will not find the home she yearns for among these scoundrels.
  • ExitBanterAdiyahToNenet: Why do you hide your face, Faridun?
  • NenetContractOneStart: I am honoured, Exile, that one of your strength would even speak to me, let alone help me. I am an outcast, and it is that very status which drives me for this mission. I have traveled far, and for many years, to find the resources and allies to do what I intend. Here I am in this place, before you now, ready.
    Where I am from, the Plains of Vastiri, the Maraketh hold no pity for the weak or the supposedly useless. The other outcasts found me and raised me, and though our lives are harsh, we have a meager culture of our own. We call ourselves the Faridun. The Maraketh believe we are worthless and flawed, but I am convinced I can prove that is not true.
    There is a legend among my people of a bold warrior who tried to unite the scattered Faridun camps thousands of years ago. His name was Jamanra, and he wished only to unify us so that we might come into our own as a people. If I can prove that he existed by finding the Book of Jamanra, then I may be able to initiate a ritual challenge with the Maraketh to test Faridun warriors for worthiness. If we pass, they will have to accept us back into the lives we should have had! Will you help me win back my home, Exile?
  • NenetContractOneEnd: Jamanra did exist, Exile... and they killed him. The Sekhemas agreed to meet with him to discuss recognizing the Faridun nation, but it was a trick. They poisoned him. The supposedly honourable high-and-mighty Maraketh poisoned our greatest leader.
    I suppose I should have expected nothing less from this brutal world we live in, Exile. You and I know best that hope is an illusion, and that raw force is the only way to take anything for oneself. In any case, I thank you for aiding me.
  • NenetContractTwoStart: I have come to a decision, Exile. I do not believe the Maraketh will ever willingly give us a home, or let us make our own. The Book you helped me retrieve tells Jamanra's tale, but it goes a bit further than that. It also tells of his final resting place. You can already guess what I intend, yes? In this land of madness where the dead rise and legendary figures return, I have a reasonable suspicion Jamanra can be found and released from his tomb.
    If the Maraketh will not listen to our peaceful pleas, then perhaps we Faridun will carve a home for ourselves on the Plains of Vastiri with the sharp edge of a sword. Jamanra can finish what he began thousands of years ago, and if he is empowered by Corruption this time around, then no cowardly poison will be able to stop him.
    Help me find Jamanra in his tomb and convince him to lead our cause, Exile!
  • SelectionBanterNilesToNenet: Ah, the Faridun.
  • SelectionBanterNilesToNenetTwo: Out of curiosity, pariah, do the Faridun worship any gods?
  • EntryBanterNenetNilesReply: In your mythology, what happens to the Faridun after death?

Area: Vastiri Outskirts


  • The Hooded One
  • Zarka
  • Shambrin


  • Rathbreaker

Traitor's Passage, Cave


  • Rattlecage

Area: The Ancient Gates


  • L'im the Impaler
  • The Perennial King



  • Sekhema Asala
  • Risu, Faridun Defector

Sekhema Asala: "I am Asala, the Sekhema of the Ardura. I care not where you came from, nor caste you might have been there. All that matters is that you have shown yourself capable in battle. jingakh. Remain a friend to the Ardura, and you shall have nothing but respect from us."

Sekhama Asala: "From what your shade has told us, the situation is dire. This balbalakh will live or die based on her usefulness in pursuit of the Seed of Corruption. Ask her what questions you will, then we Ardura will decide her fate."

Risu: "You need not trust me. You will see the truth of my information soon enough. I ask nothing of you, only that you do what you know is right."

Town: Ardura Caravan - split route progression

  1. The Lost City of Keth
  2. The Mastodon Badlands
  3. The Valley of Titans
  4. The Maraketh Burial Towers

Area: The Lost City of Keth

Area: The Mastodon Badlands

Risu on The Mastodon Badlands: " There is a tribe of lost-men that inhabits the Mastodon Badlands. They worship the bones of those long-ago beasts, and that faith has given rise to powerful tusks that can somehow call on storms and strike enemies with lightning. The King wishes to steal these objects of worship and use their lightning in war."

Sekhema Asala on Travel to the Mastodon Badlands: "Though events demand you tread upon a valley of the dead, do not do so flagrantly. Keep your presence light, cleanse what Corruption you can, and we shall skirmish with the Faridun to protect your flank."


  • Deathlord of Blackrib Pit + The Mastodon

Area: The Valley of Titans

Area: The Maraketh Burial Towers



  • The Forsaken Son

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